The Great Studio Clean-Out

So I've started a big clean out in the studio to get ready for what's next with Specs & Wings! I want to make the space simpler, and make it easier to work and find any supplies I need for a particular project. Seems easy enough right? Mostly it's just a matter of making myself get in there and work on it! :) Anyone have any tips for staying focused on cleaning instead of finding 50-jillion other things to do? Ha! Maybe I'll make better progress this weekend... let's hope!

Big ideas for the space?! I'll let you in on a few of my favorites!!!
- A photo set up for easy blogging photos!
- A big supplies clean-out (should I maybe do a giveaway of cool art supplies I find?!)
- An art print wall to fill with art that reminds me to be brave... or just really cool art that features glasses!!!
- A great soft rug so I can work on projects in the floor (anyone seen anything awesome?!)
- A "Specs" banner (I already made one, I'll show you soon!)

Thanks for being such amazing readers, ya'll! I'd seriously welcome any ides or advice!
Happy day!

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