Be Inspired

What's been inspiring me lately?

This print. Don't be boring cuz you're not!

This blog makes me want to be brave & sew! I have some pants I need to take in... scared!

Getting real about invoices. (*sigh*)

Still thinking about this great podcast with Kendi Skeen. (One time I got to meet her! She's amazing.)

This sums out my eating lately. (I'm a choco-too-rian too.)

I need one of each of these summer drinks. This coconut chai lemonade looks dreamy!

Inspiring words for makers here.

Just started reading this book.... Year of No Sugar: A Memoir ..super interesting. Could you go a year without sugar?

What's inspiring you to be brave right now? Anything here? Something new? Share with us in the comments or on instagram and twitter #bebravecreate

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