Our First Garden!

So... we did it! We started our very first vegetable garden right in our own backyard. After getting some great advice from Danielle and doing a little research, we decided to be brave and give it a try!

I used to be scared of gardening. Well, first I had a bad track record with plants of all kinds and secondly, I was uneasy about whether or not it was actually safe to eat something I grew myself....

... but then I realized how backward that thought process is. Both of my grandparents grew up on farms and worked hard to provide not only income but also food for their families. They appreciated what it took to grow natural nutritious food without the harmful chemicals, pesticides and genetic modifications. Why would I be more afraid of eating something I cultivated with my own two hands than what I buy at the store? Of course we'll still eat veggies from the produce section as well as our own, but the more I thought about it, the more I just knew I had to try growing a few vegetables this summer!

My sweet Jeremy got on board too and it's been really fun to do this together! I have so much learning to do about the process, but so far it's really fun! We have already made some pretty big mistakes.... like the little zucchini plant we accidentally broke the stem on, or the way we stuck our trellises in upside down, (they should be an "ice cream cone" not a "tee pee"! ha ha! )

I'll keep you updated with our progress and hopefully we'll end up with some great cherry tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash this summer! :)

Do you have a garden? We seriously welcome any tips! I applaud your bravery! Let's see your garden on instagram #bebravecreate !

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