A Blog about Writing

When I was little, I loved to write. Well, actually I loved to write and illustrate little "books". I remember one story was about a raccoon bandit (complete with a little mask!). Another was about the great Egyptian Sphinx... I don't know where I got the courage to attempt drawing that no-nose guy with a crayon! ha!

As I got older, I was often given a journal at school to write about a "topic of the day". Sometimes it was something serious, and sometimes I got to dream or be creative with my words. I can't tell you how many journals I've filled up since then! There's just something so freeing about writing. :)

After high school, when I wasn't handed a journal each year, I went out and got my own. I will admit though, that a lot of my writing has been transferred to this little space. Blogging has taken my writing to an interesting place. Automatic publishing for anyone to read makes me very cautious and I typically fill a post with mostly pictures and only a few words.

After I started writing articles for a little magazine I love, I realized how much I enjoy creating through words. Slowly this space is gaining more words too. I love the idea of being brave and creative with writing! So, you may see a little more writing these days, but probably not about raccoon bandits or the Sphinx! Thanks for letting me share with y'all. :)

How are you being brave today? Share in the comments or on Instagram #bebravecreate , you could see your pic here on my blog!

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