#BeBraveCreate with Kathleen Shannon

During this season of exploring being brave, I'm so excited to welcome a special guest to our discussion, Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative! I've found her guidance with my small business to be so valuable and I love that her passion is helping creatives succeed. :) Today she's giving us some amazing advice on the topic... enjoy!

What do you think makes a creative brave?
Being afraid is what makes a creative brave. If you're always playing it safe, and you're never scared then you won't have the opportunity to be brave. Being brave isn't about never having fear – it's about being scared and pushing forward anyway. 

How can a creative stay brave?
The best way to stay brave is to stay afraid! Ha. Just continue to push your own limits. Learn, expand, grow – all of those things will keep you feeling brave. 

What's your biggest trick for fearlessness?
I just wrote about this in a Braid Letters for Creatives (you can sign up for our exclusive emails here)! My biggest trick for staying fearless, or confident rather, is to pretend like you literally have a taxi light on top of your head and turn it on. It doesn't take much more than that to get you to stand up straighter, smile, make eye contact, and ultimately make new connections that might typically leave you feeling anxious or shy. 

Thanks for having me, Molly!

Thank you, Kathleen! I love your advice to be afraid so that we can be creatively brave, push our limits & turn on our "taxi lights".

I'd love to see and hear your thoughts on this advice on social media.... #bebravecreate !

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