In Progress: Baking Toms!

I've been working hard over the weekend to finish up a pair of Julia Child inspired Baking Toms!! They are so fun and I can't wait to get them back to my sweet friend!

I started with lots of research (aka: watching Julie & Julia!) and made a Pinterest board to get my ideas together. Then I painted the background (a few times!) and sketched the designs.

I wanted to play with pops of color and landed on aqua, red and pink with touches of metallic grey and black & white! I chose this color story to bring ideas of retro kitchens and to bring up the romantic feeling of old-time baking. :)

I love that painting Toms means I can easily work most anywhere. So, over the weekend, I took this pair with me to my parent's house and even Skyped with my sister! So fun to paint while she and my mom were sewing. :) Then I brought them back home and painted them with my lovely little owl mug to keep me company!

I can't wait to share more of the story behind these fun Toms! Thanks for letting me give you a sneak peek at my process and progress. Happy day!

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