Dainty Lace Collar DIY

I have been seeing the most adorable collars on shirts lately and I thought it would be fun to have a collar I could easily add to a cute t-shirt to add a little frill! Here's a quick way to make a Dainty Lace Collar!

1.Start by cutting the collar off of the "toss-away" shirt you want to get rid of. (if you don't have a shirt with a collar you want to save, how about a couple strips wide of lace trim stitched together in the middle with an added ribbon of your choice!

2. Choose two cute buttons!

3. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to loop around your button.

4.  Pin your ribbon in place in the "loop" shape to the back side of your collar and stitch on your machine or by hand.

5. Next, turn your collar back over to the top side and sew one button at the edge of your ribbon loop. Sew the other button on the opposite side of the collar so that you can easily loop the ribbon over the button.

And there you have it! A super cute little dainty lace collar! Wear it over your favorite t-shirt or add some sweet detail to a simple dress. This would also make a sweet gift to a vintage lover!

Happy day!

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