Judging a Book by It's Cover

Maybe it's bad, but I ALWAYS judge books by their covers. I mean.. LOOK AT THESE!!! Could just be the artist in me or my love for good design, but when I stroll through a book store or look for an ebook... the ones with the prettiest covers always draw me in!

My sweet husband and I went to a book store one day and got so distracted by the novels and all of the awesome covers that we didn't head where we intended to go! I haven't been a reader since my grade school days. I remember back then, I'd devour a good book! I'd be so ready for another within a week. Since then, my reading mostly consisted of college books, cook books, magazines and blogs, but this year I decided to intentional about becoming a "reader" again.

I love spending a little time each day reading, whether it's a devotional book, something educational, a biography or a novel! :) But which ones catch my eye? The ones with the prettiest covers...;)

Are you a reader? Any recommendations for me?
(p.s. I'm not personally recommending the books above, just admiring the covers!)

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