Creative Life: Anniversary Trip!

We had the best anniversary trip a few weeks ago! To celebrate 5 years of marriage, we went to the Bishop Arts District in Dallas (and a few other fun places too!) Every time we take a trip I get inspired, but this time was different. This neighborhood was full of little independent shops, artists, pie bakers, galleries, a florist, boutiques, and lovely home shops! Every store front was unique and full of creativity. Each shop we entered had the artist standing right there to explain with passion how they create their product or do their design (or bake their pies... YUM!) This inspires me so much because this neighborhood is filled with creatives living their dreams! The air was filled with possibility and the vibe was so authentic and meaningful... because everything was done with a full heart!

Here's a little peek from my phone pics, but I actually took some with my "real" camera too! Hopefully I'll get around to sharing those too, but I couldn't wait any longer to share this awesome experience. I hope it encourages you today too!

Favorite stops... Cafe Brazil, Home Bishop, Neighborhood, Dude Sweet Chocolate, M'antiques, We Are 1976, Simply Austin, Just Add Jeans, Dirt & Emporium Pies!

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