Surviving your First Blog Conference (an Article!)

I was so honored to write an article for the 2012 Winter Artful Blogging Magazine! (It's one of my all time favorite magazines!) After writing for them a few times, my editor there asked me to write about my experience at my very first blog conference.

This conference was a couple weeks away but my deadline would be three days after I got home... eek! I'm actually glad because it was all fresh in mind and I knew first hand what it was like to be a first timer at a blog conference! (Something I might forget if I had written about it later on.)

When the article came out, Jeremy and I were out of town and saw it in a B&N in Dallas! Oh my goodness!!! So exciting!!! But what really surprised me was seeing my name on the cover... I about fainted!

I wrote about 6 tips .. a little survival guide for you! These tips included "Pack Now, Decide Later", "Introverts Are Fun Too", "Expect to Learn" and "Meet Your Blog Heroes"!  I loved just writing from the heart, letting myself be a little witty and very honest.. I hope you guys enjoy it.

I also got to take a few pictures at the conference to share! I didn't get great pics, but I love this one because it features some of my all time favorite bloggers (yes, my blog heroes!) Kendi, Katie, Emma & Elsie

If you get a chance, I hope you'll stop by your local B&N and pick up this amazing magazine that I'm so proud to be a part of! You can also see more of my blog conference adventures here.

Happy day!

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