DIY "Metal" Ampersand

You may have been seeing metal letters and ampersands in magazine ads or your favorite home decorating store.. seems like they are everywhere, but hardly personal or inexpensive. Try this technique to create a similar effect using cardboard, acrylic mediums and paint!

This DIY is part of a partnership with my FAVORITE acrylics brand, Liquitex! I'm so excited to be partnering with them! Follow the underlined links to purchase supplies, or find them at your local craft store.  Here we go!

1. First, you'll need a piece of sturdy cardboard and a good pair of scissors. Sketch out your ampersand (or any shape or letter!) then cut it out. I decided to make one sort of like my logo!

*Hint: Having a little trouble drawing out your ampersand? Type it on your computer, print it out and use graphite paper to transfer the design to your cardboard.

2. Next, use a palette knife to apply Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel. This stuff is so fun to play with! It's like beautiful soft icing that you use your knife to shape into textures very easily. Apply it kind of thick so that you'll get lots of deep textures. (you'll see why soon!)

3. Once the heavy gel dries (clear), use a brush to apply Liquitex Natural Sand Medium. This will provide the little detailed textures and will add to the metal effect.

4. Once that's dry, you're ready for paint! I used Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic in Ivory Black to paint a solid coat over the whole ampersand. Be sure to get into every nook and cranny of the textures you created.

5. Once the black paint is dry, dry brush over it using Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic in Iridescent Silver. Using just a little bit of paint on the tip of your wide brush, swipe over the texture until you get the desired color. I wanted my "silver" to be a little darker so I let more the black show through.

6. Let the paint dry and see the beautiful textures that have emerged! Hang on your wall or prop on a shelf for an industrial look you can be proud of!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY project! It's the first of many this year and I would love to see what you're creating! Share your photos of DIY projects you've completed using #diyspecsandwings or @specsandwings

Be brave! Go create!

**Most supplies c/o Liquitex, creation and opinions are my own. :) Thank you for supporting my blog partners who support me! **

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