The Challenge: Clear the Clutter

Like I was telling y'all yesterday, I take any good business advice I can get! So when I came across Lara Casey's "The Challenge", I knew I needed to give it a try! I will tell you... it IS challenging, but it's also so freeing! I've been trying to work on my homework for Step 2 which is "Clear the Clutter: Environment and Internet".

So I made a list of my "spaces" online and in my environment. I decided to tackle my desktop first... It was so cluttered, I never wanted to open my computer! So, a few folders and some "deletes" later.... look how clean it is! It makes me WANT to get on my laptop to work or create! Up next.... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blog Lovin'. I went through them all and followed Lara's advice to follow only feeds that are uplifting and positive. What we look at feeds our minds, spirits are eventually our actions and words so this is important! It took me awhile, but I'm so glad I did this. Now I'm excited to check my social media!

Then came the biggie... my Inbox. I sorted into folders, deleted and responded until it was in a great place. PHEW! Now I just need to keep it that way! ha!

It maybe seem like a small thing, but I feel like a weight has been lifted and I've got more energy to try new things with S&W! I'm ready to set goals and start the new year!

It'm sure clearing the clutter isn't over. It will be a process to continually "edit" these areas and stay organized, but it's SO worth it! :)

Have you accepted The Challenge? What was your experience?
Happy day!

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