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We've already established that I'm a total nerd. :) I LOVE learning and I actually got excited to go to school when I was younger! Well, nothing has changed. Anytime I get the chance to take an online class to build a better business, I jump at it! Today, I'm happy to share some of my all time favorite e-courses. I can honestly say, these have ALL helped me with building S&W. Enjoy!

A Beautiful Mess's Dream Job & Blog Love E-Courses are fantastic! Elsie Larson is my blogging hero, so this was an easy one. :) You'll love learning through her experiences, get great ideas and great resources! You'll be so happy you took these classes and they're offering a Cyber Monday special of 25% off here!

Braid Creative has amazing e-courses to help you how to do what you do better. I have taken all 3 classes and they totally re-shaped how I do business! Soon they will be offering "Dream Customer Catching" about how to have the clients you've always dreamed of! (It's my favorite of the three!) Sign up here!

Lara Casey is just plain brilliant when it comes to MAKING THINGS HAPPEN! "You know those things you've always wanted to do? You should do them!" I recently read through her "The Challenge" FREE online class and I totally recommend it. I'm still working on my homework, but her advice is so practical and helpful... you'll be well on your way to doing what you love in no time!

Design*Sponge has a brilliant column called "Biz Ladies"! These blog posts hold the most amazing information from real women in business who are sharing their secrets for success on every topic you can think of from social media to finance! Check out the wealth of knowledge for free here!

If you're thinking about starting a business or you're currently running one, I hope you'll check out these great resources! I know you'll love them as much as I do!

*(All opinions are my own in this post. The Braid E-Course link is an affiliate link so I'll get a little extra Christmas shopping money if you click through!)

Happy Monday!
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