Leaves Series: Ink!

If you caught my post yesterday, you know that I've started a new series of paintings based on leaves... and the beautiful way they transition from death in the fall to life in the Spring. And to go even deeper.. how then happens in our hearts when we die to ourselves and there's a beautiful transition to life in Christ!

The first painting was based on a maroon, red and orange leaf, so for the second painting, I found a mostly bright yellow leaf with curled edges of brown. I liked the really evident contrast!

I used my Liquitex Ink! sample in Cadmium Yellow Light. I had never used ink in a painting before, so I was really excited to experiment! I used the dropper and dripped the ink around the canvas. Then I used a paint brush to spread it out and into a leaf shape.

I was surprised at how easily the ink mixed with the deep yellow acrylic paint! It was very fluid but also very bright! (Hard to come by when thinning acrylic paint with water!)

It was so fluid, in fact, that I could tip the canvas from side to side and get some really great organic designs...

I liked this ink so much that I decided to use a brush and apply it to the edges of my red leaf painting...

The ink is beautifully opaque so it added a nice highlight to leaf's edges!

I haven't been so excited to start a new painting series in a long time. I'm very excited and I feel like my creativity and inspiration has been restored! I can't wait to show you the next step of these paintings and the rest of my Liquitex experiments!

You can also see updates through my new Instagram: @specsandwings!

*Liquitex Ink! c/o Liquitex, opinions are mine :)

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