Leaves Series: Heavy Body Acrylics

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this new painting series in progress! It's been a lot of fun to experiment with all of my Liquitex samples and I'm talking to them about partnering for some DIY posts in the future! Pretty exciting!!! Anyway, picking up where I left off yesterday with the yellow leaf. :)

I used Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics (my favorite paint!) in Magenta & Green Gold to create the brownish color around the edges of the leaf. Did you know that mixing complimentary colors makes a brownish color? Check it out! :)

First I used a layer of the magenta over the yellow.....(turning it a little orange)

Then I layered the green gold over the magenta and voila! Brown! But not just any brown... a more vibrant and rich color than a brown "out of the paint tube". This brown is specific and picks up on the other colors I used in the painting.

I continued to mix color and add texture by dropping a little more of the yellow Ink! Into wet/watery paint and let it dry over night. Progress shot on Instagram (@specsandwings) if you want to see the next phase!

Here's a progress shot of these three paintings... next phase coming up tomorrow!

What do y'all think of this leaf series? Do you like seeing the progress each day on the blog? Just trying something new! I'm excited to hear your feedback!

Happy day!

*Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Samples c/o Liquitex, opinions mine! :)

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