10 Industrial Mood Boards

As I keep dreaming about the studio, I'm certain every artist needs a mood board. I've been making them since my college days when I had a huge 2x4 ft frame in my room, constantly covered with clippings, fabric, notes, photos, etc. I miss having something like that and I can't wait to incorporate it into my new studio space!
Since we're going for an "industrial" feel, I've searched the web for some ideas....

(Coletterie/ Pin by T. Goldsmith)
1. Orderly Clipboards- I'm pretty into that idea... pretty, easy and very modern.

2. Wire Grid- with hanging "S" hooks and white clips, this feels very industrial.

(Smitten Studio/HomeLife.com.au)
3. Chalkboard Wall- Why not tape up your favorite items on a wall and then write, draw and make notes right on your mood board?!

4. Sewing Hoop Frame - Just hanging up a frame in any shape or size will contain your favorite images and textures and give it a focus.

(Bright Bazaar Blog/ Ana-White)
5. Mono Mood Board - Bright Bazzar Blog has this lovely DIY to paint a cork board a solid color! Love that.

6. Behind Glass/ Shelf It! - Why not put your favorite inspiration in a frame or "collage" several items on a shelf! This takes your mood "board" and makes it even more tactile!

(Pinned by Amie/ Smile and Wave)
7. GIANT Chalk Board- Gathering ideas and inspiration never looked so cool. Plus it's super easy to change or add to images or lists.

8. Out of the Studio! - I realize I already mentioned the clip board idea, but I love that Rachel Denbow put her mood board in the dining room! Where better to display your ideas than the place you'll see it most?!

(Minor Details/ Ballard Designs)
9. Burlap and Spotlights- I love the look of a solid board with these really industrial lights to highlight it.

10. Mod Metal- A couple of metal sheets make a modern statement for a magnetic mood board. (whoa, that was a lot of "m's")

And there you have it! 10 fun ways to break out a typical mood board and make it fit an "industrial" feel. I hope you feel as inspired by these bloggers and designers as I am!

Which is your favorite?

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