The Biz Stuff

Tonight I'm working on the biz stuff. Of course paintings, prints, the shop, blogging etc. are biz stuff too, but you know what I mean... the paper work part. You're going to laugh, but I actually enjoy getting all the stuff out, going through it and organizing it. Ha! I'm just kinda nerdy like that. :)

On the other hand, that's part of what being a business is... so in that way, it feels really cool. Seems like every year I've done awesome at one part of S&W and then practically dropped something else! This year it was paper work. I guess I need to take my own advice! Ha! SO I'm paying for it now, but it'll feel really good when it's done right? Maybe one of these days I'll learn to balance everything? Ha!

I'm also feeling like I want to leave for the Blog Conference with everything in order so I can come back refreshed and refueled for the next step of S&W! Thanks for coming along for this crazy ride... even the "boring" parts. :)

Anyone have some brilliant tips for me? Please leave me some tips in the comments (or bring me some coffee!)

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