S&W Paintings at Home

When I finished up the four paintings that are now in the Specs & Wings etsy shop... I experimented with a few ideas for where to put them in your home.... 

This coffee themed one would be pretty cool in your kitchen! How about a grouping of decorations away from your cooking area? It really livens up our countertop.

Our entry way has a group of black and white photos.... I think leaning different sized photos/artwork in layers in similar color scheme is really pretty!

I also put these two paintings together with a smaller work of art and a plant. Behind them I placed a large chalkboard for contrast and an cozy, yet modern feel.

A few tips for living with art...

1. Paintings don't have to hang on a wall, try leaning them in layers on a shelf or propped with a small easel.

2. Mix different sizes, shapes & textures... Why not a painting next to a sculpture, plant, lamp, etc? It's more interesting and adds more dimension to the space.

3. Try grouping decorations by color. It sounds strange, but it usually makes for a really cool display.

4. Art isn't just for the living room! Put meaningful paintings in places where you'll see them most! Why not hang a few in the laundry room, your dressing area, your office or even the kitchen.

I hope you're excited to rearrange the art in your home! If you'd like to add one of these new paintings to your home, please visit my etsy shop!

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