Birthday in a Box... DIY!

My sister always gives really fun and thoughtful gifts. I didn't get to see her on her birthday so I decided to send her a "birthday in a box" theme gift! On her wish list she had "The Great Gatsby" book so I  was inspired!
A 20's party Gatsby style needed black and gold accents, an art deco font for the numbered tags and and a quote from the book for each tag.

I chose gifts and wrapped them with the theme in mind...
1. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
2. Lace Headband
3. Long necklace with pearls and black beads on a gold chain
4. A champagne glass filled with Worther's candy!

Want to make your own themed "Birthday in a Box"? Here are a few tips!

- Think of a theme that the recipient would enjoy (a favorite movie, the year they were born, etc.)

- Make a list or Pinterest board based on the theme to help gather ideas.

- Come up with a color scheme to stick with for the wrapping. (I wanted black and gold with an art deco feel and plenty of glitz and glam!)

- Think of a few fun gifts that will make it feel like a party, but still stick with the theme (Something to wear, a little treat and something to do, listen to or watch!)

- Get creative with wrapping (Why not candy in a wine glass?)

-Remember if you're mailing it to consider things that might break or melt (aka: hard candy instead of chocolate and plastic for the cup instead of glass)

I hope you have a great time making your own Birthday in a Box!
Happy day!

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