In the Studio: Making Texture

I started a new painting tonight and I wanted to explore texture in the cool colored background. I figured it was a great opportunity to use my new Catalyst blades and do some experimenting. I love it when a custom project lets me try something new that I've been dying to do! I started by applying paints directly onto my large canvas... no need for a paint palette!

I moved the paint around with a large brush and then added some glaze to give it even more play and allow for more texture.

I used the brush to blend colors and make some designs...

Then I used a blade (or rubber spatula brush) to give the paint a rougher texture. So fun to see what it can do!

I added more paint and then used a small blade to dig into the paint layers. I love the colors that show up underneath!

I used another blade to scratch out more rough texture... the different shapes give lots of cool effects.

Then I pulled out the trusty palette knife (the metal one! ha!) and scratched thinner lines to give a more random distressed look.

It was so fun to explore new tools and techniques with this background! This painting will likely change a lot from here... I plan to add more layers, change the colors and offer more depth. It's freeing to explore with paint and do something completely different!

I have more trip inspiration coming up along with more fun updates on new projects! Come back soon!

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