Remember my sweet friend Alison from the canvas project? Well, God had incredible plans for her as she arrived in Rwanda about a year ago... she's so thrilled to be apart of what God's doing through No. 41!

On their website...
"No.41 is about empowering young women. Our goal is not to give them the world, but to show them that God has already given them everything they need to go out there and take it. When you join with us, you are truly changing the world FOR ONE."

Today, they are asking for our prayers and donations through "4-1" day!

Wondering what they're doing?

"Since March 2012, No.41: 
• Has employed 32 young women.
• Rented two houses for workspace.
• Bought 22 sewing machines.
• Started weekly Bible study and English classes.
• Enrolled 17 girls in University.
• Moved seven of our girls out of the orphanage and into their own home. 
• Started a school lunch program feeding 870 students every day.

The list and the dreams continue. It is our sincere hope that you know that you are a world changer. You have changed our whole world and we can’t say thank you enough. "

Through No. 41 you're changing the life of ONE woman by giving her a career, but also you're changing the life of ONE child because each bag that is purchased provides meals for a child for a year. Please support this beautiful ministry! Buy a bag, a cute apron, or just donate at www.no41.org today!

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Alison Holcomb said...

thank you for sharing, sweet friend!!! and for donating. we love that you are a big eater.. :) ha!