Swirly Wreck Em TOMS!

This pair of Texas Tech TOMS is full of fun designs and has a touch of sparkle with silver paint! It was so fun to paint them and it made my heart smile when I delivered them and the new owner put them on immediately! :)

I decided it would be fun to paint the swirls in silver on one shoe and black on the other!

The lettering is in a sparkly silver with black outlines...

And the other side has a Double T!

For the sides I thought stripes would be a nice contrast to the swirls...

....and I added some personal touches including her sorority and "Guns Up"!

On the back of each shoe I included her major and the years she spent at Tech!

I love painting TOMS with personal stories and really fun designs! Even though I painted several pairs of TTU TOMS, it was a fun challenge to think of ways to make them different to match each person's personality and style!

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Anonymous said...


These are sooooo cute and have so much personality! I don't own any TOMS yet but these shoes make me want some (with Specs and Wings artwork on them of course).