Red Raiders Chevron TOMS!

These were so fun to paint! You guys probably think I only paint Texas Tech TOMS now...haha! Truth is, I paint all kinds, but for some reason I ended up with 4 TTU TOMS in a row. Come on fans....represent! 

I love that these TOMS are black! I used a bright red and a sparkling silver to make the lettering really stand out.

Then I used the silver to make a chevron design on the outsides...

For the insides I used their favorite fight song phrase..

The back of the TOMS are red with black swirls!

I loved creating this pair to be really bright and full of raider spirit...but also fun and feminine!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this pair....I've got one more Tech pair to show you this week. Want your own pair of custom TOMS? Find out more here.

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