Pumpkin Faces

We had the best time last night! It was our first time to have trick-or-treaters since it's our first Halloween since we've had a house! We decided to only do it for a little while, while it was still early so we could see all of those cute little ones around our neighborhood dressed as everything from The Queen of Hearts to Thomas the Train! :) They were SO CUTE!!! I also made chocolate chip pumpkin muffins to the sounds of the Twilight soundtrack before we ate dinner and watched a scary movie.... Inception....(that's about as scary as we like! ha!)

It was so much fun and we really enjoyed feeling a part of our new neighborhood. Halloween has never been a big deal for us, but I've enjoyed the fun and "un-scary" parts of it. :) I loved reading this post today on "Our Blessed Little Nest" about making a positive impact on the families and kids around you, possibly the only time they may come over! I especially loved her idea for scripture candy! Maybe we can do that next year. :)

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