Work Dork.

Today I started a new online business class! I'm kind of a dork when it comes to this stuff because I LOVE what I have the privilege to do at S&W and I am excited to someday expand my business to full time! Until then, I'm going to continue the journey in that direction and to me that means learning as much as I can and gaining experience. Thanks guys, for supporting my dream and helping me gain lots of great experience doing what I love to do!

The topic of this class? Personal Branding. SO interesting.... (I told you I'm a nerd!)


BearShe Cottage said...

Class sounds interesting. Are you taking it through a community college?

Anonymous said...

I haven't taken any business classes, but this one sounds really cool! I'm super impressed that you're taking a class, working on making your home cozy, and painting all those adorable TOMS! You are one busy lady! Hope to see you in Midland again soon!