Soup Can Tribute!

 The other day we were walking through Target and I gasped as I saw this glorious sight...

Campbell's Soup is currently doing a tribute to Andy Warhol's 50 years of  "The Art of Soup"! The packaging at Target features the colors of his works, his portrait, his signature, and even some of his famous quotes!  If you've never seen "32 Campbell's Soup Cans", check it out here  and in different colors here!

Here's a close up!

Here's one I had some fun with to make it look like a "screen print"!

Now, in case you didn't know...I'm a big fan...

...and I absolutely brought home a few cans to make into paint brush holders! :)

I hope you'll look for them next time you're at Target! And when you see them, remember that...
"In the future, everybody world-wide will be famous for 15 minutes."- Andy Warhol
He certainly was, but his fame has lasted much much longer he is still being celebrated today!

More info here!

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