I'm REALLY excited about where Specs & Wings is headed right now! I am thrilled to be creating with purpose and doing what I love! It still amazes me that I have the opportunity to create things that could touch someone's heart and life, bring them joy, remind them that there is beauty in the world because of Christ, or help someone tell their story. I have loved meeting so many friends through S&W and been honored to work along side such incredible artists! I'm so undeserving of this...but so grateful! Thank YOU for letting me be a small part of your life through art. What a blessing!

As this little business grows and changes, I'm working hard to figure out the next step! It may sound funny, but I'm actually doing research, taking notes, learning from people who have gone before me, and trying to do each part of my business the best I can. I'm about to take a class in the next couple of weeks, I'm learning all I can to help YOU have the best experience possible here at Specs & Wings Blog, at the etsy shop, and when you order a custom piece from me. I'd really appreciate your feedback on your experience too! (email me here: specsandwings@gmail.com)

As part of this adventure, I've asked several artists that I admire to give me "one liner" advice to share with y'all! Watch for that new series coming soon...and let me tell you...their advice is GREAT!!!

Have a great weekend!

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BearShe Cottage said...

Looking forward to seeing the "one liners" advice. I beleive all of us can benefit from others. I see you do have passion for what you do. Keep going!