Army Strong Bridal TOMS

This was a really fun pair of TOMS to paint...and so unique!
These TOMS are a gift for a bride marrying a helicopter pilot in the military. The sweet friend who ordered them for her, is also a military wife, so she had some really fun ideas and I loved mixing military and wedding themes with no camouflage in sight!

The background of each TOM is based on the wedding invitation design...

Then I incorporated "Dog Tags" that included the new monogrammed initials and the wedding date!

The other toe features the "army strong" emblem!

To break up the design, I also inverted the black and white on the toes and heels of the shoes.

I got to paint a pair of "wings"...so cool!

...and this was my first try at painting a helicopter...

The shoes also feature the bride and groom's home states...

...and I included the "Ranger" patch along the heel!

The bride is planning to wear these to her wedding ceremony and reception and dance the night away in style! I'll share more photos soon!
What a fun and meaningful keepsake that she can wear for years to come!

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