Don't Let Go: Wedding TOMS!

I'm SO EXCITED to share my first pair of Wedding TOMS! These are going to be a gift for a sweet bride to wear to her wedding reception (what a fun idea!) I was given a couple of color swatches along with the bride's favorite Bible verse and the inscription she had engraved on her groom's wedding band..."Don't Let Go for the World"....isn't that sweet?!?

I started by creating the background color to match the blue swatch...

Then I added the details including swirls and dots and lettering...

 I thought it would be fun to create a swirl pattern that repeated on each shoe!

I hope she loves how they turned out...

...and remembers her perfect wedding day every time she wears them!

What do you think? I think it would be fun to create a pair for a bride and groom! Perhaps a "Mr. & Mrs." pair or some with monograms or for an entire wedding party! SO FUN! :)

happy day!

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