love people.

When I saw this beautiful picture on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to share it with y'all. I'm by no means an art history buff, but I do love to read about the stories of paintings and the lives on artists. 

Van Gogh did over 2,000 paintings and drawings in his lifetime and only ever sold one. He painted his beautiful "Starry Night" while in a mental institution...but all of the stars are in their correct place. He did not have many friends, but was very close to his brother Theo. Van Gogh didn't become famous until after he died. His brother's wife collected his paintings and letters to Theo and did her best to share his life and work with the world! I think this quote is beautiful coming from a man who didn't experience being loved by many people. He understood how important and precious it is to love and be loved!

Do something VERY artistic today...love someone who needs it! Show them the love that Christ has shown you! 

happy day!

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Celeste Kemmerer said...

Yesterday I was reading about the necessity to love the unlovely. I am always amazed at the way everything connects.