I LOVE to get sweet review like this!!!

"Ok seriously, these shoes are so much fun to wear! Everytime you look at your feet, you won't be able to help being happy!! I think everyone should have a personalized pair of shoes to wear, so when life is intense, they have a constant smile-inducing item with them at all times. Start designing yours now!" -S. Scott

AWESOME! I can't wait to design a pair for YOU! I was thinking these would be so fun for a wedding! A custom pair for a bride featuring the wedding colors, her new initials, the wedding date, sweet memories from dating, honeymoon destination, etc! They would even be cute to wear at a reception to keep those dancing feet comfy!

I also have gift certificates available if you'd like to give Custom TOMS as a gift! Perfect for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. If you own a small buisness or are a photographer...how about a pair with your logo on them to wear at work/to shoots? :)

I'm thinking I may need to make myself a pair....what style, theme, and color scheme would you choose?

happy thursday!

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