Thinking & Planning...

This morning I'm thinking and planning. Do you do this? I'm pretty sure I do it most days, but today I feel full of ideas and possibilities! (It could also be that I'm dreaming past the work I have to do today!) Anyway, I'm thinking about some new things I want to do and try in the coming months in regard to this blog, my custom work, my packaging, and my etsy shop! It feels like now is a good time for a fresh start! :) 
So, today I'm making a list full of ideas, goals, plans, and dreams!

This weekend we're taking a little trip so it's the perfect time to journal, list, think, be inspired, talk things over, and come back refreshed. :) 

Thanks for letting me share in my little corner of blogland. :)

happy EASTER weekend!

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Kerstin said...

Good reminder - I don't do this enough, even though I have time to. You've inspired me to get up and see the sunrise tomorrow and do some thinking and planning of my own.