A Stack of Canvases and a Heart Full

The delicious scent of coffee swirled around us as we sat in a lovely cafe on beautiful Saturday morning. My heart was filled with joy, excitement and heartache over the stories I heard of the precious children in Rwanda who have been orphaned, but were given the hope of Jesus all because someone visited them and loved on them.

Over the weekend I caught up with sweet friend Alison! (Remember when you guys helped her get to Africa a few months back?) I'm so excited to tell you that when she went, she fell in love with the sweet children at the Noel orphanage in Rwanda and God has called her to MOVE there for a year! AWESOME! She will be loving on these sweet kids and teaching them crafts that will give them skills to use for an occupation when they leave the orphanage. Awesome! Please read more of her story on her blog: www.sassncrafts.com

After coffee we loaded up my car with canvases that I am SO EXCITED to get to paint to help with her fundraising, share her stories, and remind us to pray for her and the kids at Noel! I can't tell you the joy, freedom and excitement I feel to get to be a part of what God is doing ....and by painting!!! This is new for me, but I'm LOVING IT!

I'll be updating you soon with where you can purchase an original painting to help Alison get to Rwanda! Until then, please read her story and open your heart to how you could be a part of what God is doing! Also, please visit her etsy shop at www.aholcombphoto.etsy.com or book a photo shoot with her here (all proceeds go to help her fundraising!), or donate directly here!

I have been itching to share this with y'all because I know you will want to help!
Thanks for letting me share!

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Katie Bailey said...

I want a painting...I don't even care what it is...but I know it involves two things I think God has his hand all over - raising awareness for the orphan crisis and your paintings! Sign me up!!