Help my Friends get to Africa!

Hello sweet readers! I knew you'd be as excited as I am about this so I HAD to share!
My friends Wynne Elder and Alison Holcomb are on their way to Africa to visit orphans right after Christmas!
God has given them the most amazing hearts and I am so excited for them. They are both raising funds to get them there and you can help!

Alison has set up an etsy shop full of her BEAUTIFUL images! Here are a few of my favorites....

Wynne is an ambassador for Noonday Collection and all of her commissions will go towards the trip! Aren't these amazing?!? It's a great time to start Christmas shopping too!

She also is offering photo sessions! Check out the details here:

You'll love hearing each of their hearts too! Alison and Wynne have a deadline next week, please help them get to those sweet orphans! If you purchase a few of their items as gifts, be sure to tell the recipient that the creation you purchased helped 2 amazing friends reach kids in Africa! :)

Happiest of days!


Wynne Elder said...

Molly! I am blown away! Thank you sweet friend!!!!! Words can't say enough!

Kristen Brown said...

I would love to help these ladies go to Africa, but I can't quite afford $300. Is there any other way to help them raise money?

Molly Swanson said...

Of course you can! Here's the website you can visit to donate directly to them... https://www.visitingorphans.org/donations/donate.aspx
In make sure to put the destination as Dec.27-Jan 7.Ethiopia/Rawanda Trip and then also designate to the team member you're donating to. :) Thanks!

alison holcomb said...

you are so awesome, friend!!! we are beyond blessed to have such an amazing support system- and we aren't even there yet! thanks so much for spreading the word!!!