The Fillmore: Legendary Art of Concert Posters

We had no idea that when we visited The Fillmore to see The Fray back in May...we'd see the history of every band to ever play there in the art of concert posters! The entire upper level is wallpapered in every band and musician you can think of! Here's a little peek at what it looks like...

And here we are in the main room!

The Fillmore has such a fun history and it's filled with tradition! According to Wikipedia....
"Copies of the night's poster are given to fans free of charge as they exit selected, sold-out shows. A chronological collection of these posters is on display in the mezzanine level of the auditorium today.
Other traditions are carried on to this day. One is a large tub of free apples for concert goers positioned near the entrance. Another is a "greeter" who welcomes each guest as they enter with: "Welcome to the Fillmore!" 

The posters were AWESOME! Since seeing them there, I've loved seeing what each new design will be!
Here are some really awesome ones I saw around the web and on The Fillmore's Facebook page.
They are so inspiring! I would LOVE to design a concert poster someday!

Aren't these AMAZING?!? Which one is your favorite?

happy friday!

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Ragan Burkley said...

so inspiring! we should have been graphic design majors... ;)
my favorite is jamie cullum! i love how they worked in the bridge! awesome!