Celebrate with Us!

I wanted to thank you all again for your amazing support and encouragement this year! None of this is possible without you! I'm thrilled with the sweet Etsy community of artists who are willing to donate the most amazing creations that you can WIN! I can't wait to share the fun on Friday! Tell your friends and I'll see y'all then.

happy tuesday!


Lindsay Schott said...

Ok, I think I am the first but I love your stuff and I would love to win but...I'm not usually that lucky. You're an encouragement to me Molly, you are doing a great job...also, I think a store in Fredericksburg needs to start selling your stuff: www.redinfred.com :)

PotteryMama said...

I am soooooooooo proud of you!
Your talent really shines ... look forward to hearing more about you in the future.