I've been thinking about the past year. I think it's okay to evaluate where you've been as long as you don't get stuck there, right? I've been preparing my business for 2012 and trying to make goals and get organized. It was a busy holiday season and a got a touch of the sniffles so things have gone pretty slowly. :) I'm getting things together for taxes and scheduling new orders and in the midst of this I've come to realize something. It's something my husband has always told me so wisely.... "the urgent" will always be there, but it can't come before "the important".  :)

This year I want to live according to what's important and who's important. Seems like a simple, but noble goal. This year I want to make special time to spend with the ones I love and take time to create out of my own heart. I want to cultivate more peace, more joy and more friendships! I've got lots of fun ideas for Specs & Wings this year and I'm ready to make out a list of goals to start on, but I need to be sure my list never overwhelms what matters most and that everything is submitted to the Lord! 

Have you thought about the new year? Have you been evaluating the past year?
Have you made any new goals?

happy monday!

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