My Style Icons!

Hello friends! 
I love to share what's inspiring me from time to time, and I have to say as of late....(and possibly for a long time!)....it's been the amazingly creative expression of fashion! 

It's so fun that living creatively touches every aspect of life, even what I wear! I find that choosing certain colors, patterns, and accessories is directly related to how I'm feeling....anyone else do this? I've decided that this year I want to dress in a way that not only shares my creativity and heart, but also makes me feel grown up and at times....professional! I'd love to be able to dress creatively cute for work or for a meeting with one of you about a custom project. It would also be fun to feel good when I'm dressing casual or even just creating at home!

Where to begin? I think my first step in challenging my fashion this year is being inspired by my favorite style icons! I know you'll enjoy them too!

I'm always inspired by this sweet wife and mother! I love her use of vintage items in a totally modern way! Plus those specs and her awesome messy bun....get out! :)

Keiko Lynn- www.keikolynn.com
She's so fun and creative in her styling! I love her color choices and the way she layers dresses and coats with tights and heels! I just may have to have a pair of her Ray Ban specs....adorable!

Her blog is hilarious! I love her honest writing style and her ability to make putting together a professional outfit look effortless. She's also got some beautiful hair!

This lovely textile artist has an amazing way with layers! The way she mixes and matches her outfits make me love colors, patterns, and textures even more! Plus she has rockin' red hair and amazing styling tutorials!

This girl's blog is an everyday read and one of my art business heroes! She incorporates beautiful vintage pieces and isn't afraid of bright colors and retro accessories. She's awesome!

Lauren Conrad- www.laurenconrad.com
She has a way of always looking lovely, classy, and totally put together. I love her style and that she now has a line at Kohl's! Her website has lots of make-up tutorials and styling ideas.

Zooey Deschanel
There's something so classic about the way she dresses....straight out of a wonderful old movie! Plus she's got perfect bangs. :)

Do you have any style icons? Any advice for me as I embark on a new fashion adventure?
I'm very excited and I hope you've been inspired by these lovely ladies!

happy tuesday!

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