Guestbook Makeover!

A sweet friend brought me an unused guestbook from her mother's wedding to makeover for her own!
This was SUCH a fun project! I wanted to show you a few peeks....

I included the original drawing I created for their wedding invite design!

I re-covered the outside of  the book and added a grey polka dot mat!

I added a little journaling spot for a welcome note, event date, or anything else they want to add to make it personal!

Their initials and the original drawing for their response card design!

I stamped the "sign in" pages with antique brown swirl stamps!

All of these beautiful images were taken by the amazing Mari Annelise Photography!

I hope this book will be a treasured keepsake that will continued to be passed down in the family!
I'm so excited for this amazing family! Congrats D+R! :)

Happy Thursday!

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Robin said...

Oh Molly!!! I LOVE it!! I can't believe you made it SO fabulous!! Oh wait, YES I can - you are absolutely amazing!!