D+R Wedding Invitation Design

I was SO thrilled about this design project because for one, I've never designed wedding invitations before, and for two, I got to design a special part of a sweet bride's special day!!! I am so blessed with this opportunity and I learned so much! The bride, Robin, loves wild flowers in mason jars and deep jewel tones with a touch of vintage style. Here's what I came up with! I started by drawing the design, then I painted it with gauche (opaque watercolor) and added detail in colored pencil.

Then I took this design...

and the one of the rsvp card, and scanned them into the computer. 
Then I added text that complimented the letters I painted.

After that, I worked with some amazing printers and they made my designs into actual wedding invitations!

This was such a fun project! Congrats to D+R!
happy day!


ms.composure said...

o wow those are def SUPER cute!!! gr8 job!


Wynne Elder said...

beautiful beautiful!!!!