Ways to be Thankful...

These ideas have me SO EXCITED for Thanksgiving! It's coming up soon and I don't want to miss it!
It's amazing what gratitude can do in our hearts....right? For our first thanksgiving together, I made a "Thankfulness Journal" for Jeremy and me. I love it, but I think I might like to add one of these ideas too...

Wouldn't it be SO fun and easy to make this chalkboard to write on every year? You could use paint or stickers to add the "I am thankful for..." and then everyone could join the fun!


 This basket of leaves make such a fun way to "journal" what each family member is thankful for and then maybe keep them in a book or box!
Goose and Binky

 I LOVE the idea of using a branch and adding leaves of thankfulness too!
Wendy Sue Anderson

This is SO COOL! You could leave it up all year! It's just a big frame with burlap inside and then "rub-on" stickers letters and numbers! Then you can use a "wipe-off" marker on the glass and clean it off to start over! Cool!
Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss
 This is just an AMAZING installation of thankfulness! This lovely lady wrote on strips of fabric and hung them all along her backyard! Look at how beautiful all of those meaningful strips look together!!! I love it! So creative and heart felt!

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? I'd really LOVE to know! ;)
happy thursday!

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