Painted Pumpkins!

I'm still enjoying the fall season and trying not to feel rushed by stores, music and even websites to rush into Christmas. (Even though I'm really excited about it too!)

So....to continue the tradition, we like to paint pumpkins around Thanksgiving time!
I'm still deciding on what design to do, but I'm loving these ideas that I found on Pinterest...

Using decorative tape is sure cute!... It makes a really fun plaid!


These are SO PRETTY too! I love the grey one!


A silhouette would be adorable! Or even "family portraits"!


Using a doily for a stencil! I love it!


Danielle and I LOVE glitter pumpkins...see here!

Pinterest for iPhone

These melted crayon pumpkins are really cool too!


Do you have any more ideas for me? I'd love to hear them!

happy wednesday!

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