glitter pumpkins

Picture 535

Danielle and I had an art party on Saturday afternoon to catch up on life after her awesome wedding!!! After an awesome lunch chatting it up, we went to pick out some AMAZING pumpkins. Aren't pumpkins the craziest shapes and colors?! painted, glued, and glittered until...ta-da!!! glitter pumpkins! Mine are now on our mantle making me feel so full of autumn love!

Picture 537

Here are Danielle's pretty pumpkins!

Picture 534

Picture 533

Are you decorating for fall? Have you carved, painted, or glittered pumpkins?! I wanna see!

FUN idea! When your pumpkin is ready, send me some pictures and lets have a little pumpkin show and tell right here on my blog! You can email it to me here: specsandwings@gmail.com

I can't wait to see what y'all have made!!!!

happy tuesday!


Rob said...

Really like how you've dressed out your fireplace mantel! We're planning to try Liam's (and Dad's!) first ever pumpkin carving tonight! With any luck, we'll post pics of the carnage on our 2Dolphins blog. Wish us luck!

Ragan said...

where in the world did you find pumpkins with such awesome stems?!?!!! those are SO cool!

Anita said...

I havent carved yet. were moving, and getting married on Sat....so I have a bunch of things half started everywhere. Im going to carve, and I have my design idea, I bet I will end up doing it friday night.I will send you a picture.

Kayla said...

I love those! Great idea! I have a pumpkin idea, but it will probably be a couple weeks before I get to it.