craft out of bounds!

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This weekend, we decided to go to an art show at a local gallery! The show was called "Craft Out of Bounds" and it certainly was. Loved it! It's not every day that you get to see so many different art forms like....


Rite of Passage by Oscar Silva

Jeremy enjoying the art!

more by Oscar Silva


(we were so intrigued and awed by the glass artwork!)

Saint Sevastian Does the Brisol Stomp by David Keens
Dreamer by David Keens
Texas Night by David Keens
Bean Barrier by Shannon Sullivan
Dormancy to Delightful by Shannon Sullivan
Air Jewels by Laura Sturtz

Retired Plumber's Homebuilt by Jack Hickman
and Ceramics:

by Steve Hilton

Gingerbread Birdhouse by Wes Harvey
(the whole birdhouse is "flocked" and each little bird is ceramic!....Wes Harvey went to Tech and we visited his studio once...awesome.)

I hope you enjoyed a little online look at this art show! What was your favorite? Do you enjoy the crafts materials? (I do! ceramics, wood, glass, fiber...amazing!!!)

I have lots to share with y'all this week so please visit again soon!

happy monday!


Ragan Burkley said...

wes' piece is so cool! certainly different than his usual work.....

Mike and Cymbre said...

First of all...i LOVE your hair!!! Super cute!! I really liked the Texas Night piece but they were all so creative!