NEW Advent Christmas Card/Ornament Sets!

Guess what finally arrived in the Specs & Wings Etsy Shop?!? My very first Advent Christmas Card/Ornament Sets!

Each card is hand printed on both sides in red ink onto kraft brown cards. The front of the card says "Love Came" and the back says "Love is Coming". Each card also features a piece of brown and white twine so that the card can also hang on a Christmas tree or wreath! 

Each set contains 10 cards and matching envelopes!

 During this season, I love to think about when Christ (love!) came as a baby and how the people had been waiting in anticipation for Him! Now, we as believers anxiously await His return, as well! The advent season means so much and this is just a fun way to encourage your family and friends and celebrate the HOPE we have in Jesus!

You can get your set in the shop here: www.specsandwings.etsy.com

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did, lots of yummy food and time with family. :)
I have SO MUCH to share with y'all this week including the making of these cards, new doily gloves, fabric Christmas trees, bow ties for a wedding, Christmas packaging and more! 

happy monday!

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