Kitchen Counter Press!

I thought y'all might like a little tour through the "Kitchen Counter Press" (cleverly named by my husband!) I have been thinking about these designs for months and although I had MANY projects going, I knew I had to work this one in! I have never made sets of Christmas cards before but I loved it! It's something I'd love to try again. I used a process similar to stamping that I learned in my Printmaking 101 class in college...

I started by drawing out my designs on paper and then made them backwards before transferring the designs to the stamps. Once I had the designs on the rubber stamps, I used carving tools (thanks Danielle!) to carve my design into the block. See more photos here.

Once my stamps were carved, I spread plastic over the kitchen counters and went to work! I used a brayer to ink the stamp and put the card on top of the stamp block. I used a dry brayer to roll over the back of the card and get an even cover of ink.

Then I pulled the card from the stamp and set it out to dry. This is when I also took over the dining room table. :)

Once one side was dry, I was able to go back and stamp the backs of each card as well!

Once both sides were dry, I used a tiny hole punch to put two holes in the tops of the cards. Then I tied baker's twine through each hole to make them into ornaments! (using two holes keeps the card from spinning!)

And there you have it! It's ready for your sweet words to be written and sent to friends and family!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the press and the process! 

You can get your Christmas cards today at www.specsandwings.etsy.com

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vicky said...

these designs are beautiful and red color also make these cards attractive.

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