A Very Special Meeting...

Yesterday I had a very special meeting after months and months of research, planning, working with vendors, experimenting with all of the parts and pieces, lots of sketches and lists, and ordering SO MANY things from etsy! It all came together into something so wonderful, it's hard to describe!

I want to wait until I have all of the pictures ready to show you to tell you the whole story, but as I was driving  home from the meeting last night, I remembered this post. I remembered our first meeting and how I felt in that moment. I remembered realizing that I'm living my dreams! What a beautiful thing that I'm so thankful for. I just wanted to stop today and wallow in the goodness of these moments. It's a feeling that's hard to describe and sometimes seems to good to be true......but it is! :)

More soon! Thanks for sharing the journey with me!

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Ragan Burkley said...

what a blessing :) i can't wait to hear more!