A Fall Coffee Date!

 Last night, Jeremy took me on a Fall coffee date! It was so sweet!
We drank coffee (mine was a pumpkin spice latte-BEST EVER!) and listened to new music and talked and laughed until they closed.....

Then we went out onto the patio and continued downloading new tunes, laughing and making plans for our fall adventures! It was a great time together. :) Reminded me of a date we had last fall....almost exactly a year ago!

We hope you're enjoying every moment of this fall season! 

It's been busy around the Specs & Wings studio as I'm getting organized to start some new projects! I'm currently working on a couple of SUPER CUTE custom fabric pumpkins and a new BIG painting! I'm also in possession of a pair of red TOMS that are dying for a new paint job! :) There's even more to come after these projects so I'm trying not to get ahead of myself in excitement!

Off to get inspired and enjoy the day!
happy thursday!

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