July Farmer's Market Through the Lens of my Diana!

Last month I took my Diana Mini Camera with me to Farmer's Market and I have been SO giddy to get the photos back! I finally got them developed onto a disk this week and here they are unedited.... (only the rounded corners and watermarked website are by me, everything else is just how Diana rolls!)

I love the colors, textures and vintage feel! I'm sold on this little camera and I'm really excited to keep experimenting with it this fall! :) 

Now, a peek into Farmer's Market!.....

our little handmade banner

Danielle's beautiful butterfly headband

Danielle's gorgeous handmade flower clips and ceramics!

Danielle's hand-painted bags, my flower clutches, mirrors, and stationary

Danielle's pretty paintings and my flower clips, mini clips, and headbands

Danielle and I with our Flying Olive table!....this is possibly one of my favorite pics of us of all time!

Us with the whole set up

Jeremy and I at the Flying Olive tables....I love having him there!

I hope you enjoyed getting a unique look at our Farmer's Market experience! Do you like the interesting style and colors that come from Diana cameras? Which pic is your favorite? 
(See more more Diana pictures from our trip to San Francisco here!)

Happy Friday!

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