Make it Pretty.

Today started off beautifully. I wore my favorite dress with my coral cardigan, I visited happily with my co-workers, I poured myself a delicious cup of coffee.....and then....I spilled it everywhere! It took me forever to clean it up! This is one of those decision moments. What will I do with the rest of my day? Well, I decided to pour another cup of coffee into my pretty mug and find some lovely things to look at and listen to!
I chose to make it pretty!

In case you're having a day like mine, I wanted to share some of my new/old favorites this morning!
First, The Honey Trees ...

Up next, The Paper Kites...

and of course, Regina Spektor....

I hope you are feeling uplifted and lovely! These are so beautiful and inspirational...and calming. :)

What do you choose for today?
What "makes it pretty?"

happy thursday!

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